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Boxing for Everyone

 At Neighborhood Boxing Club, you’ll train like a real boxer, minus the contact, we believe there’s no faster route to fitness than the sweet science:  Boxing builds stamina, endurance, coordination and self- confidence. Nothing is more empowering than realizing just how powerful you can be, right? ANYONE can do this. You set the pace.

How We Can Help You

Boxing fitness will help you become a better version of yourself each and every day so that you can be better at everything else you do in life, whether you drop in for one class a week, or get in here for your daily sweat, you’re kicking your fitness into high gear at Neighborhood Boxing Club.

See the Difference

Did you search boxing near me to find us? are you trying to lose weight boxing  ? Looking for a workout that’s fun and never boring? Boxing fitness has you covered. Ready to transform your body and empower your spirit? Boxing holds the key.